About Us

The Lang Bros. are Sean and Ashley Lang. Two brothers whose dad is a hot sauce nerd. 

Watching their dad annihilate dinner with all forms of hot sauces, mom used to get angry that dad was ruining the taste of

dinner by covering it with salty, vinegary sauces.

We thought...What if we could make something that would allow dad to make his food hot, while not offending mom?

A bomb went off one day and, after many experiments, Lang Bros. Original Hot Pepper was born.

Lang Bros. Hot Pepper is ground black pepper that has been expertly "upgraded" with heat producing, nitro-charged,

race-ready, intergalactic ingredients to make each grain of pepper "supercharged" right out of the shaker.

You can add a little or a lot to any food dish depending on your level of bravery.

Give it a try...we know you will throw out all your salty, vinegar based, sloppy sauces once you do!